The definition of insanity has once been described as ‘doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.’ If we want 2015 to be a radically different year then we must be willing to do something radically different.




We all have challenges in consistently following through in all areas of our lives with what we learn. There is plenty of knowledge out there in books and programs but actually mastering the application of that knowledge is critical to creating change in our lives. We can learn stuff intellectually quite easily, but can often benefit massively from a helping hand to actually, follow-through, apply, live and habitualise that knowledge in all the areas of our everyday lives. This is where the help of a success support group or mentor can evoke dramatic change. If you’d like help and support in following through and applying these 12 Critical Success Factors then click here to take action.



1. Commitment | Building self-belief

To achieve something substantial we must believe that we can do it. How do we build that belief? By building references where we’ve demonstrated to ourselves that we can do what we say we’ll do. This must start with the small stuff… If we can’t build our proactivity muscles to follow through on the little things, how will we follow through on the big things when times are tough?

2. Awareness | You can’t touch what you can’t see

Quite simply, when we become more aware of the world around us we are more open to spot opportunities with which we can create, for ourselves and others. Awareness is an attribute that can be developed. When we have a high level of awareness we are more resourceful, creative and intuitive.

3. Mindfulness | Still the mind and tap into your intuition

The more aware we become the more we can recognise that ‘gut feeling’ we have to help us make better and wiser decisions. However, in order to do so we must first become aware of our thoughts, become aware of our mind chatter and quieten it through meditative practices to be able to tap into our intuition.

4. Limiting Beliefs | Know your limits… & tell them to get stuffed!

We’re all conditioned to believe, at least to some degree, in a limited way about ourselves and the world around us. The important thing to appreciate is that they’re just mental conditioned programs we developed when young, ultimately to protects us from pain. Just as we learnt them, we can unlearn them. The ego uses these programs unconsciously in a way that controls us, that limits us without us consciously choosing otherwise. Through developing our awareness of our limiting beliefs we can stop them in their tracks.

5. Passion | The power of positive emotion

Doesn’t it feel good to feel good, right? How different do we experience a day and everything we attract when we are feeling, positive, powerful and passionate compared to when we’re feeling frustrated, disappointed and disillusioned? Try doing something with passion and then resentment. You will see the radical different in the quality of what you produce and your experience of it. Our greatest freedom lies in our ability to cultivate the feelings we choose when we are feeling most challenged and stretched.

6. Vision | I can see clearly now…

A clear vision is what compels us, inspires us and evokes intense feelings of passion and purpose. When we have a clear idea of where we want to go we have more impetus to venture towards it. However, it is vital to appreciate that a vision is more than just a vision-board. It is something, that when you close you eyes, you feel as if you are actually living and breathing it. It evokes what some would call the Law of Attraction.

7. Focus | Know what to do and when to do it

This boils down to our ability to plan, to organise ourselves and keep our attention focused on what we want to achieve. This is the left-brain activity of break things apart, and when coupled with our intuition, we will know what the most effective focus of our attention ought to be on a moment by moment, day by day, week by week and month by month basis.

8. Mentorship | Passing down the ‘know-how’

Seek guidance from those who have already walked down that path before. This will save you a lot of time, money and effort…blood, sweat and tears. Having someone who is genuinely invested in your growth and developed and who really cares is invaluable. They can see things which you can’t and help you learn things without having to break yourself in the process. Secondly, beginning to pass on that knowledge to others yourself with massively help you to habitualise that wisdom. Furthermore, helping others to learn what you’re learning will, in return naturally inspire them to legitimately want to contribute in your life.

9. Community | Surround yourself with fellow, aspiring pioneers

Every person who has ever achieved great things in their lives never did it alone, no matter how it may seem. Every successful person has always had a group of people surrounding them, supporting them, holding them accountable, helping them learn, helping them follow through, guiding them, being there during the lows and there to celebrate the highs. Do whatever necessary to be coming together regularly with people who have similar aspirations as you.

10. Service | Make someone else’s life better

Some would say that if we’re not here to make someone else’s life better then what are we really here for? I’ve grown to learn that the most sustainable way of getting what you want in your life is to help others get what they want in their life in a genuine and detached way. Start serving, start helping others more, start smiling at strangers and you will be surprised at how people, interactions, ideas and opportunities start coming your way… The Law of Reciprocity you could call it!

11. Social Entrepreneurship | Vehicle for social change

To paraphrase global social entrepreneur Paul Waugh of Lighthouse International Group – Social entrepreneurship is about adding more and more value, in less and less time, at higher and higher levels of quality with a community of leaders and teachers that are committed to making a positive, upbuilding, and progressive human and environmental change throughout all areas of our human family and earthly home.


12. TAKE ACTION – Do you wish to learn and discover more?

Knowing something and actually living it consistently are two completely different things. The latter, often taking months or years to apply and typically with the expense of blood, sweat and tears, financial ruin or broken relationships along the way. If you’d like help from a mentor or a support group of like-minded and like-hearted aspiring change-makers then click here to find out more and to take action.

I look forward to walking this journey of inspired change with you one day soon.

With much warmth and enthusiasm as always,