How Will We as a Human Race Solve Our Greatest Challenges?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

The reality is that some of the issues going on in the world right now are absolutely insane…! The problem is however, particularly for us in the western world, we’re not aware enough of what is going on, nor are we motivated enough to do anything about it, or believe that we can.

If you were to boil down what is really going on in the world and condense it down to your street, let’s say 100 people live on your street:

  • 10 of them would be unemployed,
  • 15 of them wouldn’t have a toilet or any clean drinking water,
  • 17 wouldn’t have electricity,
  • 38 of them wouldn’t have clean/adequate cooking facilities,
  • 13 people would be living below the poverty line,
  • 11 would be chronically undernourished,
  • 17 people wouldn’t be able to read or write (10 of those being women) and…
  • 7 people would be unlawfully killed each year!

Wow!!! That really is insane!!! Imagine living in a street like that?!?!?!

The problem however is we think that because a lot of that doesn’t happen here, we don’t appreciate the need to do something about it, or how basic consumerism of energy useage is having a knock-on effect in other areas of the world. If one person in that street kept on throwing all their rubbish over their back fence, ultimately it will come back and bite them in the arse at some point right, probably encouraging an infestation of rats that would effect everyone on the whole street!! This exact same thing is happening, but on the macro scale of nations and continents, not just in the neighbour’s garden. The effects will come and bite us in the arse at some point, or certainly our children’s!!!

So how are we as a human family going to solve it? How are we going to solve some of the major problems we as a human race face?

Well, in this recently released TED talk, Hugh Evans, the founder of Global Citizen, sheds some light on the situation!! Check it out! Below the video I’m going to break it down simply….


The 6 Steps to Sustainable Social & Environmental Change

How are we going to turn things around?… Well it starts with individuals all around the world who are aware enough and care enough to do even just that little bit!

1. Awareness of the Need to Change – Firstly, and quite obviously if we are not aware that something needs to change then we won’t do anything about it. We’re talking though about individuals becoming more aware of what is going on, to break out of the little bubbles we live in and learn more about what is happening locally, regionally, nationally and internationally!!

2. Motivation to Change – Just knowing something needs to change obviously too isn’t enough. Even just around our homes – how long have we lived with that kitchen cabinet door that needs fixing, or whatever it may be, but just don’t get around to doing it. Why?? Because there isn’t enough ‘Why’s‘, we have to feel enough reasons as to why in order to take action – that can be a motivation out of fear and scarcity, or one of love, care, compassion and abundance…. or likely both!! Either way we must have enough heart-felt reasons why to motivate ourselves. There is enough money sitting around ‘collecting dust’ in bank accounts all around the world to pretty much solve all the major problems we face – but there isn’t enough reasons as to why to use it to solve those problems, along with the following…

3. A Community / Network for Change – Ultimately you’re limited by your own two hands and the 24hrs in your day. Your ability to make a greater impact is irrefutably proportional to the solid group/community/network of people you have around you. Now I don’t just mean having a social media following of thousands, or even millions of people – that isn’t a community… I mean a surrounding tribe of great people who care, who are committed, dedicated and passionate with a common purpose – where a high and growing level of trust, care, connection and understanding has and is continually being built (very often through adversity, through be willing to work through challenges together). Ultimately, as Hugh says here in the TEDtalk, while yes we can lobby governments and leaders to enact new policies etc, the power really is in the people. Government alone really can’t solve our problems because their ability to actually implement the solutions comes down to the people and organisations to deliver the solutions! So it is down to us, to people to stand up and provide the solutions!! We’re seeing more and more cases where small groups of individuals and small businesses are delivering solutions on a shoe-string budget creating solutions which had previously taken governments decades to do and costing billions of pounds/dollars (some wonderful examples of this are demonstrated by the fruits of the X-Prize Foundation – an organisation led by Peter Diamandis pioneering radical change in healthcare, education, climate-change, technology and space exploration/tourism).

4. Vehicle for Change – By ‘vehicle’, I mean a platform, an organisation, a social enterprise or business, campaign, initiative venture or project! Building these entities will enable people to have a greater impact beyond themselves and will ‘organise’ the people around them in their ‘community’/group etc to carry out particular actions more effectively in line with others alongside them. You could say the key catalyst here is ‘social entrepreneurship’.

5. Sustainable Product / Service for Change – In so many situations in life you see a solution created to solve a problem, BUT… what you often don’t see is how that very solution ends up causing more long-term problems that weren’t predicted! Take for example many programs funded to help children from underprivileged backgrounds in the Western World. A huge amount of these young people lack a figure in their lives that they can trust in! These programs provide an initial solution for these young people… But, because of the extremely dependent way these programs are set up in the first place, completely depended on handouts, when there are funding cuts, the programs are stopped! The caring figures for these children then no longer visit them. The children then are left with even more distrust in a caring adult figure, making it even more difficult to build that trust and therefore help them next time around!!! A solution must be extremely well thought-out to make sure that while yes it is solving the short-term problem, but that it also has long-term positive effects for all those involved!

6. CANI (Constant & Never-ending Improvement) of Individuals & Organisations – Finally… as Mahatma Gandhi said ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’, ultimately this means that we must be CONSTANTLY developing our own awareness, skills, abilities, mindset and perceptions/beliefs to ensure we can make an impact at increasingly bigger levels!! If we’re not developing ourselves how can we take what we are doing to a new level? It’s impossible, if anything, without it people stagnate and slip back or get left behind while everyone and everything changes around them! Exactly the same applies for organisations too….

So, in a nutshell, that is it, that is the journey we and all those ‘global citizens’ out there must embark upon if we are to have any hope to overcome the challenges we face amongst our global human family! If you would like to be a part of that, take action below 🙂

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