Your Free eBook on How to Evoke Powerful Change in Your Own Life & in the World Around You!

If you had an unlimited amount of the right people, time, resources and money at your disposal how would you live your life?

What difference would you love to make?

This eBook reveals the fundamental success factors to evoking massive change in your own live and how to make a difference in the world around you – but it also leads to so much more! We know that a book by itself isn’t enough so our Be The Change (we’re a not-for-profit) ebook opens the doors to accessing more online resources and webinars, access to mentors, support mastery groups, networks and development programs to ensure you can live and apply what you learn in your own life – to be the change you wish to see in the world and indeed make it happen!

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Change Your Life | Change Your World

Your Guide to Evoking Powerful Change in Your Own Life & in the World Around You!

What’s in Our Change Your Life | Change Your World eBook?

The eBook consists of 12 parts:

  1. Commitment | Build Self-Belief – Building the belief that you can achieve your aspirations.
  2. Awareness | You Can’t Touch What You Can’t See – See more opportunities to progress.
  3. Limiting Beliefs | Know Your Limits… and Tell Them to Get Stuffed! – Overcome the mindset that has been holding you back for so long.
  4. Mindfulness | Still Your Mind and Tap into Your Intuition – Quietening the mind so you can use it rather that it use you!
  5. Passion | The Power of Positive Emotion – Emotions, both good and bad, fuel your actions. Making sure you have the right fuel in the tank!
  6. Vision | I Can See Clearly Now… – Nothing is more powerful than a compellingly vibrant and vivid vision.
  7. Focus | Know What to Do and When to Do It – Overcome procrastination, become organised, learn effective time management & get more done.
  8. Mentorship | Pass Down the ‘Know-How’ – Guidance from the right mentor will save you a lot of blood, sweat and tears.
  9. Community | Surround Yourself with Fellow Aspiring Pioneers – No one ever did it alone! We must surround ourselves with positive, ‘can-do’ people.
  10. Service | Make Someone Else’s Life Better – Our true success is measured by how we’ve changed other people’s lives for the better.
  11. Social Entrepreneurship | Vehicle for Social Change –Whether in a career, already run a business, or want to evoke positive change, social entrepreneurship is what will enable you to make a greater impact!
  12. TAKE ACTION! | Start Your Journey – Never leave the scene of a decision without taking some form of action. Learn what actions you need to take to get your journey underway.


This eBook Is For You If….

If you’ve ever considered or felt any of the following then this ebook is for you… If not then you’ve touched down in the wrong place…

  • Want to make a difference – You want to feel like your efforts make a meaning difference at work, at home, in your own life, or in different areas of society.
  • Want to fulfill your potential – There is that voice inside which says that you’re capable of great things and you feel compelled to progress, learn, grow and develop.
  • Want to start a social enterprise – Perhaps you current are or would love to set up a project or social enterprise to
  • Want a change in your life, but not sure where to start – perhaps you’ve felt that the path you’ve walked so far just isn’t for you and you’re seeking to change your job, profession or life-style to one that is more in line with who you are.
  • Know that things need to change in society – You look around you and at the news and know that things need to change.
  • Have every considered volunteering – You have volunteered or have considered how volunteering can make an impact and bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
  • Care about helping others – You feel a sense of care and compassion to help other people live better lives.

Complimentary eBook

Change Your Life | Change Your World

Your Guide to Evoking Powerful Change in Your Own Life & in the World Around You!


What Opportunities Will the eBook Lead to?

An ebook alone may inspire change but we need a bit more than that to be able to evoke the change that we want to see – that requires wise and consistent action. That is why the Be The Change Project was launched and what this ebook leads to. The ebook will point you in the right direction to start taking action through a host of mentoring, programs and mastermind group opportunities.




1-on-1 mentoring or coaching ensures you’ll receive tailored guidance through specifically unique challenges & the support to achieve your personal goals that is best for how you learn.


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Both online & offline programs, seminars & webinars will equip you with the right knowledge, understanding and awareness to progress in your chosen endeavours.

Mastermind Groups

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Applying what you learn is very different from just knowing it. Regular mastermind group sessions ensures ongoing guidance to follow-through and apply what you learn.


How Will You Receive it?

From our experience we’ve found that the best way to absorb, digest, learn and people read is to receive it in bit-sized chunks.

So we’ll be sending you each part via email every few days.

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Change Your Life | Change Your WorldYour Guide to Evoking Powerful Change in Your Own Life & in the World Around You!