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Moving Father & Son Interview After Paris Attacks

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A deeply moving interview after the Paris attacks of a young child trying to make sense of it all and his father's loving nurture!

Human Movie UN HQ Screening

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On Saturday 12th Sept, Human, arguably the most prolific film documentary ever produced, was screened at the UN Headquarters in New York.

What Makes Us Human?


What Makes Us Human? - Groundbreaking film series portraying personal accounts of the struggles of humanity - though love, happiness, war, homophobia, the future of our planet, poverty, family, education, immigration, corruption and the meaning of life!

Ric Elias – How a Plane Crash Turned His Life Around

Sometimes it takes facing death to learn how to truly live! Don't wait for that to happen to you!

HOME – Our Impact on the Planet


Out of sight, out of mind! Well, it can't be anymore! The impact we are having on our planet is devastating!

The Humbling Power of Silent Giving!


A touching story of a father who gave unconditionally to those in need and his son's recognition!

You’re Engineered for Purpose

Living with purpose is the most inspired ways to live. Have you discovered yours yet?

We Humans Are Capable of Greatness


As individuals and as a human race, we are so capable of living more powerfully than we think we are. Inspire others... inspire yourself!!!

The Lie We Live

What's the reality of what is really happening in this world and to our planet...???