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Leonardo DiCaprio on Climate Change | Before The Flood


Leonardo DiCaprio shares his findings of a 3 year journey to discover what really is happening with climate change in this powerful new documentary!

The Island of All Together


When 2 worlds collide on one small Greek island! How refugees are just like the rest of us!

10 Mins of Mindfulness / Meditation Build Mental Focus

When did you last do absolutely nothing for 10 minutes? No phone, no internet, no tv, no thoughts!! Meditation and mindfulness as fundamental to our health and happiness

Look Beyond Borders – Human Connection in 4 Minutes


Human connection, something we all seek... Watch how in just 4 minutes race, religion and background drop away to allow strangers to connect in a powerful way :-)

World Water Day – The 5 Litre Challenge


World Water Day - 22nd March. Could you manage on just 5 litres of water a day? I challenge you to try!!

What Guarantees Sustainable Change?


If you care about making a difference there is only one place you must start...

Two Years On – Remembering the Great Mandela

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Two years on since the passing of the iconic world leader Nelson Mandela... there is so much we can all learn from his example!

How One Person Can Make a Big Difference – The Gift of Clean Water

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5000 children die a day because they don't have access to clean drinking water!! Phew... Something we can unlimited access to just by turning on the tap! Watch what Shawn Ahmed, a guy who quite university to get out there and rally people together around the world to make an impact.

The Heros of Syria

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While 100,000s of people are fleeing Syria there are some who are choosing to stay! Why? To help save the lives of innocent people impacted by the atrocities... like this baby saved from the rubble of a collapsed building hit by bombs!