Social & Global Change

The need for change throughout society and the world is undeniable – we are seeing more terror attacks throughout the western world than ever before, more teenagers committing suicide or murdering others and more social and economical unrest.

But it doesn’t just stop there, well, it doesn’t really start there either. As you will sure know Gandhi’s famous quote ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’, if we want to evoke great change it starts a little closer to home, it starts with creating change in our own lives and in who we are as a person too!!



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Personal Change




If you are someone who aspires to relieve global poverty, enhance healthcare and sanitation in the Third World, put an end to our global dependency on fossil fuels, give every child the right to an education…. (the list goes on), then great, we want to hear from you!!

However, so many of us feel that making a change at that level is way out of our league when we’re eager to just get our own lives in order, our own families, our own careers or our own personal projects. Well if you are one of those people then we want to hear from you too!!!

Why? Because that is where change starts – how can we tidy up the oceans if we don’t keep our own house isn’t in order? How can we inspire a whole community of volunteers to go out there and touch people’s lives if when we don’t inspire ourselves to take action?

The reality too is that what will have the greatest impact on evoking the much needed social and environmental change in this world isn’t the few individuals that go out there and do bold things, while we absolutely need those pioneers – their change will only be sustainable with the more individuals who do just their own little bit in their own lives!!

The reality is, if you asked people (which we have), ‘if you had an unlimited about of time, money, resources and people at your disposal what would you do?’, the vast majority do want to do something significant, it is just they don’t feel they have enough to do that.


So that is what Be The Change is about – yes empowering those few to evoke bold change, but it is just as much about enabling the ordinary, everyday people like you and I to do even just that little bit – to build our own lives to a place where we can give back more of our knowledge, skills, resources or money where we can.

Be The Change Project was born back in 2012, after 5 years of research and discovery into what is at the root of our personal and social challenges and what people need to change not only their own lives, but that of others.

How Do We Do What We Do?

To bring you the best support possible we’ve partnered with Lighthouse International & Lighthouse Kidz to provide all our training and development not-for-profit. For every adult that gets involved in mentoring, a program, webinar etc, we will provide the same for a young person too.





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